011111_storyboard to background

Today Stephen and I were working together on Robo-san stuff for 7 hours or so in my apartment as the snow came down outside all day long. Pizza, a friend and digital painting is always a good time, right? Right. So after finishing the texture map for the body of the rock monster I showed the arms of yesterday I got to working on Scene 6.

Scene 6 is a troublesome beast because I decided it'd be a great idea to have some radical perspective shifts in the animation. The nice thing about it is it's a more exciting shot than our previous idea and it allows for flexing of some cinematic animation muscle. And since that's the medium that Stephen and Ben are working in, it's good to push it any way we can. Gotta look good in the showreel, after all. The problem for me, as I said before lies in the perspective shift and I banged my head against the wall in black and white for a while before manning up and trying with color. I ended up trying to subdue the angle a little bit for a while before realizing that was a crap idea and going back to the storyboard version shown above as my reference. The background image is really going to be much, much larger than this, but I wanted an example to talk about.

After figuring out all of that nonsense, I think finishing it will go a lot faster. Whether slow or quick, I'll just be spending a while painting clouds tomorrow...so many clouds....


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