012913_what's new

This is it, folks. Not a whole lot going on lately, these are the best of the bunch.
In other news, I've been finding myself trending toward leaving more marks in my work lately. I really enjoy the gesture in general and I think I'd like to preserve more of  the artifacts of digital painting in my work. For some reason I had it in my head previously that I needed to try to keep things as clean as possible, but I've been starting to enjoy letting the seams show a little more. The greatest difficulty is doing that with confidence. And of course, that just takes more practice.

 2 hrs. Painter12

1 hr. Painter12



I'm doing my best to keep trudging ahead and make weird work. Here's the result. Who doesn't like pink anyways?




It's been quite a while now. I'm excited to be doing new stuff in the new year. Good changes happened.
Here are some of my more recent, more successful experiments. In various state of dress. All works done in Painter 12. Usually taking under an hour.
Yes, the second to last one is just fanart, I'm listening to all the Fleming novels through on audiobook for the second time, the first time was last summer and it had a wonderful effect on my work. My only issue with this piece is that it looks a bit like package design for cologne. Ah well, it's only a sketch anyways.