still trying to zbrush

So I don't do an incredible amount of sculpting at work, I mostly end up on the texturing side of things, really. So I've been trying to improve my sculpting ability by keeping active in ZBrush whenever possible. This is my third go at doing a sculpt of my space lady.

First time was too much weighted on the realism spectrum. The second time was just kind of a sloppy attempt at adding stylization. And I think this is definitely my most successful attempt. A little bit of a ridiculous body in terms of proportions and dimensions (I'm modelling her vaguely off of a Jantzen swimsuit babe from the 50's) and I think I could push it further, with some hair, I'd like for her head to be wider than her waist, I think that'd be hilarious. I feel like I've come closer to striking a delicate balance on the face than ever before, it's got a lot of shape, but it's not too much of a charicature-- all of the angles still read like you'd expect a human face to. 
It blows me away what the Pixar artists achieve after working on this. A character like Carl from UP is incredibly planar and boxy, but he still works from every angle as a human. Crazy.




Something new. Took me an hour tonight. I have been really busy lately, but I'm starting to get rid of more of my tasks that keep me from being productive.



Space Captain McCleary

It's got it's issues but I had a blast with this one. I just couldn't help myself. Every single part of it was a treat. A big love letter to my favorite illustrators of the 50's and 60's who had work in magazines like Ladies Home Journal.

I put the text in there because I thought it was delightful. It was also really fun to imagine what it would look like if the viewer was a secret agent space pilot in a casual, unglorified science fiction world, and he was waiting outside his superior's offices' communicating door/airlock chamber, flirting with his secretary, Miss Tessy Petalwood. She knows he's in for it, of course.



The Space Captain will see you now

I drew this truck last night. A little sketchy concept. 

Today I felt inspired to do this other thing which I like to call "The Space Captain will see you now." Much work to do yet. All in all, I'm enjoying the 1950s. Also, some things have beginnings. This thing has a beginning. I'm hoping to try to show progress in my work a little more frequently. As well as an upcoming livestream? Yeah. One of those.



090613_pinup procedures

I had done this doodle I liked, abandoned it because it was going really poorly (evidence in sketch no. 2) and then revisited it when I figured out a solution. I've been spending a lot of time with Bob Peak and Coby Whitmore lately. Love their stuff. I also recently watched My Fair Lady. :) I'm trying to force myself to take some chances with solid colors whenever possible and let things be empty, more graphic.