So when you're working on a team, I've learned, you don't always get to do the absolutely most fun things in the world. One of those things (in my opinion) is texture maps. Though when I think about it, they're only not as fun as painting full paintings, like yesterday's cave study, because they're not a space, they're just a wall. Regardless, they're important and they give me an opportunity to practice my use of edge in a fairly monochromatic manner.

These are some rough samples of the UV mapping I'm doing for a character in the Robo-san project. I'm currently horrible at edges and I've been struggling to make the maps work. Luckily, I'm privy to the fact that this fellow (seen above) is on screen for all of 10 seconds at best, and you'll never see some parts of him. Still, I'd like to learn how to texture better. Any suggestions?
I'll show more interesting things tomorrow

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