Long time, no post...

Okay, so I'll skip all that happened in between --life, love, school, finances, etc.-- and move right in to the now.

It's the summer and, in an effort to remain productive, I've teamed up with a couple buddies from the KCAI animation department Stephen
and Ben. They're passionate, hard working fellows who are helping me adapt what was my final project for my Japanese Language class, a story about a robot who lost his dog, into an animation!

The aesthetics and all that are going to stay pretty true to the story. It'll be produced in such a way that they'll be animated with a 3D character on top of my 2d digital matte paintings. I think the final product could end up looking really snazzy if we get it down right. I hope to keep posting bits and pieces to show the process and all of the problems we encounter!

For now, just the source material so you all can see what it is and how it's gonna look. Be warned, this is like...1st grade Japanese if you can read it and it's a children's book. So it sounds like a children's book. "This is Jack. This is Jane. They are very boring, though concise people" and all that. I'll show more in the future as more gets done!

Robo-san Storybook.