041113_ too long

It's been way freaking way way freaking too long since I've posted and I am done with that. That being not posting. I've been getting caught up in the crap of being a professional and liking games like CS:GO too much. 
Of course, playing isn't bad, in fact, I make new distinctions about art every time I play another video game. Working in the industry certainly makes you attuned to every little thing about the craft of game making. 
I recently began playing Age of Empires II HD with some of my family, like old times, and I've been really blown away by how much is done strictly to serve the the player. There is no slavishness to realism in the visual sense. Horses are as big as houses, etc., everything has a consistent visual hierarchy which makes discerning what is happening on screen actually feasible.

But that's just a ramble. Someday I might try really writing/talking/videoing about these nice visual qualities in games and all of the smart decisions that are made by some art peoples in the games industry.

Enough chat. Here are selection of scans from the past couple of months in my sketchbook. I'm ashamed that there are not more that I actually like. I've allowed my relationship with my sketchbook to become a little too casual. All of these are pretty much graphite and ink.
My tools of choice for anyone that is curious:
.05mm Pentel Twist Erase mechanical pencil
.03mm Copic Multiliner
.03mm Pilot Hi-Tec C

Thanks for looking.