Dragons of Elanthia Concept art

Finally I get to share some of my work from the game I've been working on this past year! I'm getting to show them at last because we have launched our Kickstarter! I'm going to keep posting art regularly for the duration of the Kickstarter so be sure to stop back and check them out!

Also, please visit the Kickstarter itself and share it with your friends. We're super proud of the game and your support will not only allow this game to happen, but support the awesome and talented people that I get to work with every day and who have pushed me to learn so much in the past year! Even if you don't contribute, showing your friends is great too. Thanks everybody!



pinup wip

Still a work in progress, but I've been needing to start a new painting more than I realized. Lots of weird problems to solve in this one, I'm excited! 

about 40 min. into things.


The Undiscovered Country

This is a thing I worked on with my friend David Stout. If you've been following my blog for a while you've probably seen bits and pieces of these images over the course of the year but probably not them all cut and cropped up like this.

Here's the pdf



Western concepts

A couple of pretty rough sketches I did tonight. Following the theme of the latest CGHub New Worlds Challenge. I tried to keep them really fast and mean, but the middle one ran a little long.  Fun stuff, all the same. It's good to break out of the usual aesthetics. I've been long working on sci fi stuff, this is a good change.

15 min.

 30 min.

15 min.



the gallant ones

I don't normally dress up my sketches, but recently I've started practicing writing in various typefaces and this sketch seemed to justify getting some nasty old paper. Pretty much whatever I can find in 1950's and 60's advertising. There's some really fun serif stuff from back then. More to come...




Welcome, October, here is a thing.
30 min. Painter 12.