Buggin' Out - Nashville Scene illo

Here's an illo I did for the Nashville Scene last week with Art Director Elizabeth Jones, who was phenomenal to work with. It was a busy week but I know I couldn't pass up an opportunity to do something like this. Too much fun. Here's the a link to the article that it was for!

Also, I've been thinking about doing some livestreaming a lot lately. It seems like a great way to connect with other artists as well as to talk about process and share information. So I may post something about that soon!



mech wips...

The very beginnings of some things....I've tried blending the 1950's with giant mechs before but usually to no avail, but I've been playing with some ideas, so hopefully they turn out.



Morning pinup

So this one has been sitting in my pictures folder unfinished for a while, and I'm not sure this is actually finished, but it's enough to be called resolved. 

There were a handful of conditions that I had set up to decide whether or not this would be successful in my eyes. One was just to capture how that halo of light in hair feels in a backlit figure, another was just painting a  completely backlit figure in general, which is always hard. And finally, try and set up a cacophonous palette of acid pinks and purples, and figure out how to reconcile them.

The result is this. It's got its' rough patches, but I got some things right. And I was also more value conscious than I normally am, and that's a step in the right direction. I've included a black and white version as...proof?