Jinx Redesign

Here is a Jinx from League of Legends redesign I did for the Justin.tv Creativity Contest. If you have the time, please vote for my Justin.tv Creativity Contest Entry!

 Also, I always wish I could show things in higher resolution and or show the process a bit more. So here is a full resolution crop as well as a four step process picture. If you want to see a timelapse of the painting you can see that on the contest page here: http://www.justin.tv/contest/ethdraws



121513 justin.tv painting.

Did this tonight while streaming on Justin.tv. It's a weird sort of progress. I didn't intend to block in the colors so flatly, or for things to become so ridiculously saturated. It's probably a good thing I stopped when I did because sometimes I get out of hand and work a little too long on something with no real perpsective. 

I started painting in my cat Moneypenny there on the bed because she jumped up on my desk while I was painting, but I'm not sure if she'll stay because she's unlikely to sit still like a good model. I think I'm at around 2 hours on this one so far?




A pinup I started in October and unearthed earlier this week to finish. I've also attached my process images just for show. The images are in 15 minute increments, roughly. There are 20 overall so the whole thing should have taken around 5 hours, but I think it was a little longer because sometimes I miss the timer. You can see pretty blatantly when I started back into painting because I was very suddenly dissatisfied with the color saturation in the image.