92212_kc star illustrations and animation

 These are two of seven illustrations I did for the KC Star this past week! It was a blast to be able to work in a really limited palette like this.

Also, I've been messing around with animation in Flash. Sorry, this is kind of a ragtag post. I'll put more up sooner or later.



090612_trench coat man

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Good, that part's done. I sketched this guy in 40 minutes or so the other night, basing it off a sketch in my sketchbook.
I'm still struggling with monotony in the the use of digital brushes in my work. I find that either I approach my work with complete exclusivity when it comes to my brush use, like in this piece, and then the brushwork becomes completely irrelevant, almost invisible, OR I try to use a variety of brushes and it just becomes chaotic and disjointed.

I'm going to have to just start making new brushes and abandon my habits all together. More on that later.

Note: I don't think I'm allowed to call this garment a trench coat because it has a hood.

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