Okay, so we start with my 148th self portrait...

then you've got some faces...then finally a really quick apple study that I did to show my friend some tips for digital still life painting.

It's really rough right now... waiting to see if Art Center is even remotely feasible. I got a call from them today, asking me where I was in my decision making and all that...apparently the scholarship I received is the highest they typically offer...and yet I still struggle. Oh well...I've got a lot to think about and plans to make for the fall...lots of possibilities. Basically, no matter what happens, life will be interesting this fall. I need to do more studies like this...Photoshop is such a nice program. I wish Painter would emulate that brush better...hard round...so nice. I'm so tangential. And now I'm tired. But I should stay up and work hard. Listen to some Bobby Chiu, Eric.


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