Thinking about Art Center

I've been doing the usual...stressing out about my college options for this fall...I'm still sort of debating over Art Center vs. staying at KCAI vs. self study...so many options...so little money. You know, some times a school can give you all the money in the world and you're still just not going to be able to afford it...that's a frustrating thing. I got a decent Art Center scholarship...but it's just not doable.

It'll be a fairly light weekend for my homework...a little sculpting...a little work on my project with TheDuoGroup...a little touchup on my Fairfield Porter reproduction...I'm going to try to sell it on Craigslist because that's what a friend of mine did. I hope that I might be able to sell it relatively quickly...I mean...it's big. 5'x6' just isn't going to fit in my family's minivan when I take all my stuff home for the summer...ahh...it will not necessarily be good being home. I really do hope that some things fall into place so that I can know where my life is headed this fall.

I also just really want to plan my trip to the west coast. Regardless of whether or not I need to visit Pasadena to look at potential housing situations in the area...I really just need to get out there. See some amazing places, get inspired...maybe even meet some amazing people. Who knows...could be wonderful... Could be...


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