still trying to zbrush

So I don't do an incredible amount of sculpting at work, I mostly end up on the texturing side of things, really. So I've been trying to improve my sculpting ability by keeping active in ZBrush whenever possible. This is my third go at doing a sculpt of my space lady.

First time was too much weighted on the realism spectrum. The second time was just kind of a sloppy attempt at adding stylization. And I think this is definitely my most successful attempt. A little bit of a ridiculous body in terms of proportions and dimensions (I'm modelling her vaguely off of a Jantzen swimsuit babe from the 50's) and I think I could push it further, with some hair, I'd like for her head to be wider than her waist, I think that'd be hilarious. I feel like I've come closer to striking a delicate balance on the face than ever before, it's got a lot of shape, but it's not too much of a charicature-- all of the angles still read like you'd expect a human face to. 
It blows me away what the Pixar artists achieve after working on this. A character like Carl from UP is incredibly planar and boxy, but he still works from every angle as a human. Crazy.


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