Got a new job climbing the walls.

 So I'm still adjusting to life with the new job, but I've realized I really have no excuse not to be posting on here every day. So here it comes. Get ready for lots of experimentation, hopefully. I started this as a sketch yesterday but I'm trying to migrate toward not spending more than a day on any given piece...partially as discipline, but partially because it usually means I'm overworking things.

I also included a step by step to give you a sense of how things progress when I'm painting.

5 min               15 min.            25 min.
Sargent had a principle when he painted that at the end of every sitting it had to be completely resolved, which was probably different than "finished" in his eyes, but having an even level of information throughout the entire piece. Of course it's always a good idea to strive in Sargent's colossal footsteps, but I'm going to try to be particularly cognizant of that idea.

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