MK12 concept art

I've had a very busy recent few weeks, partially because of my current internship as a concept artist at MK12! It's a fantastic Kansas City-based studio full of very smart, very talented people that do some awesome work. Definitely do take a look at their new reel if you want to be just plain visually inspired. It's all wonderfully bold, graphic and sharp. They have a great sensitivity toward the use of color in their work that can't be beat!

What I have been doing there has absolutely nothing to do with those pieces though, I am a part of a new short film project that they're working on that I've had the pleasure of doing concept art for. 
Here are a handful of images I'm allowed to share for the time being.
You can see more of how they work and what they do, as well as these images on their blog.
Thanks for taking a look, more things to come...


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