71512_funny little experiments

These two funny little experiments I was working on today...didn't quite get to finishing, though. I've been making new brushes in painter lately, definitely struggling a bit as well. I've been feeling like all of my paintings have a sense of sameness in the brushwork, which I cannot quite live with.

I particularly admire the work of Sergey Kolesov and Jaime Jones. They are both tremendously fantastic painters. Jaime also recently wrote a blog post about his process with images to accompany it. It's really fascinating to see the way in which other people work. I felt a strange reassurance from seeing that post because I often feel like my own process is a little backwards or unconventional by digital painting standards. I tend to be very direct in my paintings and often times I only work on one layer, which means no going back. I think I might try to construct something of a process video of my own since I can imagine it's constructive for the artist as well.

In any event I've been considering dedicating myself to a personal project for a bit...or several. I find that it's very difficult for me to make work when I don't have a prompt, or limitations. I'd like to make my work more self-indulgent. We shall see where it goes from here. Thanks for reading.


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